Monday, November 28, 2011

Lame Duck Council Hands Out Cash for Redistricting; Could Have Been Done for Free

The lame duck's quacking, but the only person smiling is David Brooks.

Last week, just before everybody went to eat turkey, City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn unveiled the proposed new City-County Council districts with little fanfare. The districts were drawn by Brooks, who was also given the task of cleaning up precinct lines with the new Congressional District lines (something the Mayor's Office should do). Brooks, a key Republican insider, was given a no-bid $225,000 contract in the budget passed by the Council in October to do the job even though the state of Indiana has the software to do the job...for free.

Regardless, there is no hurry to redraw the districts, even though Vaughn says there is. The only hurry is so that Vaughn can get them through prior to the Democrats taking control of the Council in January.

That means that we will have spent $225,000 to do something we could have done for free that could all be undone by a proposal of the Democratically-led Council in 2012. Way to look out for the taxpayer, GOP.

While Brooks is counting his cash, city workers are hitting the cheese line because Mayor Greg Ballard valued Brooks doing his job over the jobs of city workers.

According to Abdul, the Council plans to hold four quickly-called public hearings on the new district before bringing them up for a vote. I can't attend any of them because of the times they are scheduled:

November 28 6-8 p.m., Wayne Twp. Fire Headquarters, 700 N. High School Rd.
December 1 6-8 p.m., John Boner Center, 2236 E. 10th St.
December 6 6-8 p.m., Sterrett Center, 8950 Otis Ave.
December 8 6-8 p.m., City-County Building Public Assembly Room

Please go and express your opinions on these new districts and your opinions on how they were drawn.


Paul K. Ogden said...

At least 2 of those meetings will be held before the map is posted on the internet.

Anonymous said...

While I don't agree with what Vaughn did, I don't think a simple resolution by the Democrats in January will work. Any resolution by the Democrats will still have to be signed by Ballard. Since the Democrats aren't veto proof, the resolution has no chance of passing. Maybe I'm wrong but I think you are missing that critical piece in your analysis.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the mayor just fire 27 IMPD emloyees. But he has 225k to give to a crony . Does anyone see the problem here???

Anonymous said...

It will end up in court!!!