Wednesday, November 23, 2011

GOP Wishes Unhappy Thanksgiving to Working Class Hoosiers

Unions…it’s your turn. As working Hoosiers get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, they have reason to wonder how big the turkey will be next year.

After teachers “got it” last General Assembly session in the form of revenge disguised as reform from the top down, the Republicans announced Monday that Right to Work (for less) is at the top of their legislative agenda for 2012.

Make no mistake, unions will yell and fight and scream and protest, but Republicans will do everything they can do to pass the bill that would bust unions and union membership. Since they have the seats and the votes, they can likely do it unless the screams and yells and the protest from Democrats can somehow sway them.

It’s become one of the most contentious times in recent Indiana political history. Expect it only to get worse in this short session as the world watches with Indianapolis in the bright shiny lights of the Super Bowl.

Now the fight for the working person’s soul is on here in Indiana. Unions are strong because of their solidarity. “Right to Work” punches a hole right through that solidarity.

Supporters will tell you that “right to work” is a step forward for Indiana and that it frees up employers to hire new employees. I can’t see how it will create one job. Employers aren’t hiring, and it’s not because of unions. Unions protect wages and worker’s rights. All this most recent attempt at “Right to Work” legislation will do is have workers with less representation and fewer dollars in their pockets and will cause more people to become “working poor” instead of “middle class.”

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