Tuesday, November 8, 2011

GOP Shenanigans Calls Signal Desperation

I don't know what the polling numbers will be tonight, but the Republicans sure sound desperate.

Abdul keeps reporting about the MCDP "Vote Straight Ticket" signs (that are handed out to PC's every year in every election) being placed in the wrong places inside polling sites. He has two examples posted on his page. So, two Democratic PC's screwed up. I can't even determine if the inspector may have screwed up and put a "No Campaigning Past This Point" sign in the wrong place.

I'm just stopping at home after voting, and I can report that...ready for this...there was a GOP slate in my voting booth at Decatur 8. Call in the Election Board! NOT! I'm sure it was a voter that just left it behind. No need to launch an investigation or have Greg Ballard resign.

Now, it seems that the GOP got all into bluster over a SAMPLE BALLOT on the northside. (SEE UPDATE) All of this, over 700 challengers, etc.

Why so nervous?

The Indianapolis Star reports that a pollworker error caused another pollworker's straight-ticket Democratic ballot to be handed to a voter. It was not preprinted. No preprinted ballots were found. Again, all bluster over nothing.

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