Monday, November 28, 2011

Cockrum Reveals Details on Redistricting

More details about the redistricting controversy were aired in a public meeting tonight from former City-County Council President Bob Cockrum.

The new Council districts, according to Councillor Cockrum, will not be in effect until 2016 when Councillors elected in 2015 are sworn in.

The map is much different. Gone is the logical numbering from northwest to southeast. Some districts are out of numerical order. I still can't reasonably determine what is in or out of some of the districts because the maps provided lack many identifying roads and streets. Attorney and GOP operative David Brooks' work also includes 600 new Marion County precincts from the old 590.

Cockrum also commented publicly about the 2000 fight on redistricting for the Council. He says that when those districts were drawn, there was a split council. Democrat Bart Peterson was in control of the Mayor's Office and Republicans controlled the Council. The Republicans crafted a plan. The Democrats crafted a plan, and neither plan was accepted by the Mayor and Council. The plans went to the courts where the Marion Superior Court Judges ended in a tie. The plan then went to the Indiana Supreme Court which ultimately drew the districts.

Cockrum said that the Council picked up the tab for both sides of the fight costing taxpayers a hefty sum. He said the current plan was brought forth now to avoid a messy conflict resulting in legal fees.

I'll let you decide if you believe that or not. After all, Cockrum said it cost a quarter of a million in legal fees then. Well, it cost taxpayers almost that much to secure David Brooks' services this time around. Did I mention that his wife is on the ballot in 2012?

Oh the humanity!

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