Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can We Clear the Air?

In Marion County, more people died from 2000-2010 from lung cancer than any form of cancer. The thing is; we can do something to prevent it.

The lame duck President, Ryan Vaughn, has proposed a smoking ban that would stop huffing and puffing in most places in Marion County with some exceptions for cigar bars, hookah bars, bowling alleys, hotel rooms, veterans and private clubs. He says he wants to pass it now to get it in place for the Super Bowl, but Democrats aren't so sure.

Let's take a look at this a little deeper. Council Minority Leader Joanne Sanders told WTHR that she wondered exactly why the President felt this was something that needed to come before the Council now in this lame duck term. She's right.

The City-County Council has exactly the same makeup as it has since Ed Coleman left the Republican Party and became a Libertarian. Now that the pressure of the election lights are off, Vaughn is trying to slip this through the Council before his party's time of leadership comes to a close.

WTHR reports that Republican Benjamin Hunter and Democrat Angela Mansfield, along with Smoke Free Indy, will unveil their own tougher proposal at a news conference on today. That means that the City-County Council will have dueling proposals.

Let's just hope we take a step towards modern society and much of the rest of the United States and get this city's air more clean.


Anonymous said...

Can we clear the air?

or Can we pay of for unemployment that will be caused by this socialist move.

How soon before your in my bedroom telling me what I cannot.

Oh,BTW, Im a Democrat that is tired of the government running every aspect of my life. Ill spend my money in another county,so will a lot of others. This move will put lots of folks out of work,and back on the public dole....

Anonymous said...

Who exactly will this put out of work? people will still go to bars to drink, socialize, dance, sing- whatever. People will still go to bowling alleys. Maybe even more people will go to bars now that they know they won't have to smell like smoke when they leave!

Who will this put out of work? I don't buy it!

Had Enough Indy? said...

According to the Star, Vaughn's proposal bans smoking in bowling alleys and hotel rooms.

The allowance for smoking in fraternal organizations may be the only difference. We shall see once both are in writing.

I hope this isn't a fight about who can take credit. Because, that bodes poorly for Indy for the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Over 600 cities in the US have comprehensive smoking bans and none have suffered unemployment due to the smoking ban. I just regret that Ballard and his council puppet have so little regard for our veterans that they are willing to allow them to suffer from the effects of second hand smoke. I think veterans should be rewarded not exposed to deadly air.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have enough business, you have to lay people off. Thats the bottom line.
I van name at least five bars that have told me that if this goes through, they will have to lay off half of their staff, thats about 18 people out of jobs.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you it will kill my business (hookah bar) completely, thus yes, less jobs - less revenue. The hookah is our primary offer, w/o it we have no business. People don't walk into a hookah bar w/o the knowledge that there is smoke involved. This democratic smoking ban proposal goes too far. I support many democratic policies, but not when it comes to my business. This is a killer.

Anonymous said...

If the only thing those bars have to offer their clients is somewhere to smoke then maybe they need to go out of business.

Anonymous said...

and if government decided to shut down your business b/c "they" decided they didn't like what you offered, you would be ok with it? A hookah is not something everyone keeps at home or can just pull out of their pocket and smoke. It is a cultural experience, and one that many people are interested in. The unique experience is the whole focus behind the business plan, making it not just a place for people to go and get drunk.