Friday, November 18, 2011

Ballard Less Than Truthful About Layoffs...Furloughs 27 Civilian IMPD Employees

Times are tough when it comes to the budget in Indianapolis. We all know that. That's why many people chuckled when Mayor Ballard said he had yet again honestly balanced the Indianapolis budget. Just last month, he promised no layoffs with his balanced budget. Turns was probably a lie. Just a week and two days after the election, Mayor Ballard has announced the layoff of 27 IMPD civilian employees. Well, he just didn't fund their jobs in the budget. I guess that was buried in the details.

Public safety is job one? Hard to believe for the Mayor that has found millions of dollars for road and street improvements and professional sports teams, but he cannot fund the jobs of 27 civilian employees of the city's police department notifying them just before the holiday season. Remember, Ballard campaigned against Melina Kennedy by citing proposed police layoffs that never happened while she was deputy mayor.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Ballard said that 200 city employees would lose their jobs by attrition. This doesn't sound like attrition to me. Sounds like a big fat whopper from a man that waited a week after he was reelected to announce something he could have brought forth before the election.

I feel sorry for the 27 people that have lost their jobs, and I'm sorry your Mayor wasn't more honest with you before now. Now, these individuals will be forced to endure a holiday season knowing that their jobs are done at the start of the year.


Had Enough Indy? said...

I agree with your ascertion that Mayor Ballard said there would be the loss of 200 jobs through attrition, but no layoffs, when he introduced the budget. But, it became clear that layoffs would be happening as the budget was vetted through the Council committees. The transcriptionist jobs were the subject of discussion at one of the Public Safety committee hearings. Director Straub said they were looking for other positions within the Department of Public Safety for the individuals, but that the positions themselves were being eliminated.

Again, I agree the Mayor's statement was untrue - but it was modified during the budget process. In fact, it was modified first (to my ears) during the Clerk's Office budget hearing.

Expect more layoffs.

Anonymous said...

Laying off Straub would save how many jobs?

Anonymous said...

Some were terminated yesterday not at the end of the year. "Less than truthful" = Big Fat Lie

Anonymous said...

Ballard and his people lie by misleading councilors, avoiding telling them what is in the budget and diverting funds from count y agencies.