Thursday, November 10, 2011

All Sorts of Crazy in Lawrence

Well, it looks like all Hell's breaking loose in the City of Lawrence as there's some really strange stuff going on.

WRTV reports that the City Council President Donald Poteat is demanding Mayor Paul Ricketts step aside and that there be a protective order issued for a K-9 officer.

It's weird, and it's odd, and perhaps now you have some sort of an idea why Paul Ricketts nearly lost in the Primary and now has lost his job as Mayor. Of course, Ricketts, according to the RTV-6 report, is blaming this one issue for his defeat. I think it's a lot more than this.

The last three Mayors, all three controversial figures (at minimum), have had unceremonious exits. Longtime Mayor Tom Schneider was shown the door by Deb Cantwell. Then, after four years, Deb Cantwell was kicked to the curb by Paul Ricketts. Now, it's Ricketts that's out at the hands of Dean Jessup. It's a volatile atmosphere up there on the northeast side.

Keep your eye on this story.

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