Monday, November 14, 2011

2012 Candidates Wasting No Time in Starting Campaigns for Indiana Senate

Former State Rep. John Barnes and current State Rep. Mary Ann Sullivan have both announced, either in public or through news reports, that they are pursuing seats in the Indiana Senate.

Currently, the Indiana Senate is "No Republican Left Behind" territory. It's 37-13 in the Indiana Senate, and Republicans continue to hold such a majority that Democrats aren't even necessary to do business on a given day in the General Assembly. Thus, it's crucial Democrats start to eat into that advantage.

Both Barnes and Sullivan believe that they can start eating into that majority. While the Indiana House Republicans did a pretty nice job drawing themselves into a large majority, Democrats feel as if there are some opportunities in the Senate. Will it mean that Dems will suddenly rise up and split the majority? No. Every little step is a step in the right direction...from a Democratic point of view.

Barnes figures to face veteran Republican lawmaker, Pat Miller, and Sullivan will go up against Brent Waltz. Right now, it would seem to be an uphill battle for these two Democrats, but I've heard that the districts are demographically going to be tougher for Miller and for Sullivan under the new maps. I do know that both Sullivan and Barnes play well to a moderate audience having both been elected to moderate seats before.

I've also heard that Dems may target Mike Young. Perhaps we'll see an announcement for that seat soon as well (it won't be me, I'm running for Decatur Township Board).

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