Monday, October 3, 2011

The Worst Political Ad So Far This Campaign Season

Congratulations to the Greg Ballard campaign. You've managed to take a great idea and mess it up. The Ballard camp released this ad on the internet Friday, and it's really just not very good. The ad is called "Man on the Street" and it features "Man on the Street" interviews with Ballard supporters.

Ok, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this idea, but the execution is awful. It's clear that the Ballard camp was trying to go for, again, a multi-cultural and gender mixed group of people, and I'm sure that they are all nice folks. The ad is clearly set up and scripted, and it makes you doubt the very sincere comments these folks may have about the Mayor.

This ad hits all of Mayor Ballard's campaign planks. From taxes to infrastructure to "he's not political" to OOOO RAH...he's a Marine.

This ad says that Mayor Ballard needs to script supporters' comments about him.

The best way to do a "Man on the Street" ad is to truly make it "Man on the Street". Trust the public and let them talk. That's exactly what I would do if I were the Melina Kennedy campaign. Be honest with people and tell them what your purpose is, but set up a camera and get truly "Man on the Street" comments from folks. You could go negative and make it about Mayor Ballard or maybe more positive and ask them what they like about the city. But, Ballard has opened up the door for it..

This is the way to do a "supporters" ad. Julia Carson's campaign got it right.

Gosh, I miss that woman.


Anonymous said...

The fact that there are no valid names of the people speaking is shocking.To me its just actors. If you will notice,every shot was done on Mass ave.

Had it been done correctly it would have featured folks from all over Indy.

It was pretty obvious that these people were told what to say

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Andre but I still miss Julia.

guy77money said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Jon. I have to agree they wasted their money. I suspect if this was critiqued in a college media communication class (oh heck lets say high school) the kids would have said it was a weak amateur presentation. It didn't convince you that these people were really just average people on the street. The presentation came off as paid actors. At least it was a high quality video shoot, the only thing going for it.