Thursday, October 13, 2011

Signature Controversy Further Proves Ridiculousness of Voter ID Bill

There's a budding controversy in Northern Indiana regarding the petitions filed on behalf of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to get them on the Indiana ballot in 2008.

The South Bend Tribune published a report that many of the signatures on the Clinton and Obama documents appear to have been forged or copied from other petitions. Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan says that his signature on the Barack Obama petition is not really his signature.

Both the Indiana GOP and the Indiana Democratic Party are calling for investigations into the peculiarities. According to the Indiana Democratic Party, Obama and Clinton both had enough signatures to account for the problems with the alleged forged ones.

This is certainly further proof that Indiana's election laws need a tweek or two. Elections in Indiana are a bipartisan affair with both the major political parties having a responsibility in the matter.

To me, this further proves that a person, appearing in person at a polling site, is much less likely to try to commit shenanigans than perhaps someone behind the scenes filing a petition for a candidate. Perhaps our laws should be geared that way?

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Paul K. Ogden said...

I don't get your argument. If anything the petition signature scandal proves the importance of the voter ID requirement. Our old system where people just signed in to vote was a joke. My signature was from my social security card that I signed when I was 14. My signature today doesn't even remotely look like that one. Yet has anyone ever compared signatures or challenged me? Nope.