Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mansfield Questioning No Bid Contract

Angela Mansfield, District 2 City-County Councillor, has filed a Proposal for a Council Resolution to censure and remove City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn from his position and cancel a wasteful $225,000 contract (viewable here) with Republican operative David Brooks to modify Marion County voting precinct boundaries and redistrict the Council's 25 district seats. That's a long first sentence, but it's what's being reported tonight here.

With funding buried in the "honestly balanced" budget passed a few Mondays ago, the contract is a seemingly transparent no-bid giveaway to one of the most well-known Republican operatives in Marion County politics. Brooks, while continuing his deep involvement in Marion County politics, is a Hamilton County resident. His wife is Susan Brooks, a candidate for the Fifth District Congressional seat in 2012.

According to WRTV, Democrats say they did not know anything about the contract with Brooks until it was nearly time to pass it. Mansfield's proposal is here on WRTV's website and is a scathing read.

Another part of this is the possible shirking of his responsibilities by Mayor Greg Ballard. WRTV also has Marion County Clerk Beth White's memo to Mayor Ballard on the situation. That memo is available here.

To his credit, Paul Ogden was on top of this on October 7.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Angela Mansfield. It is time someone brought this unethical crooked deal to light. Someone needs to be held accountable and Ryan Vaughn would be the first person to be addressed.

Paul K. Ogden said...

There really is no defense for the contract. The law says the council can't redistrict until 2012. The precinct lines only require minor adjustments that can be done by the Clerk's Office utilizing software they already have.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angela M ...and Christine S.

Lets set the record right,
They do care for their constituents..
Christine Scales and Angela Mansfield always answer their email... They may not rubber stamp the Ryan Vaughn agenda ..
but they work for their constituents... everyday.