Thursday, October 27, 2011

Litebox Deal Just Doesn't Sound Right

Just a day after trumpeting the new jobs Litebox, Inc. was bringing into Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Star finally covered a few of the behind-the-scenes questions the IBJ and I immediately thought of in after reading about a "California start-up" wanting to bring its HQ to town.

Listen, nothing against Litebox. It sounds like a great company idea, and I really appreciate owner Bob Yanagihara wanting to come to town, but it's clear from the Star's write-up that DevelopIndy (and, by extension, the Ballard Administration) didn't do its due diligence before scheduling the press conference announcing the company's arrival.

The Star article can be read here.

The story is comical in parts. This company that was supposed to be providing all these new jobs in town has, it appears, uncertain financial backing. When pushed by the media, a city employee jumped in and tried to play himself off as an employee of Yangihara's, according to the Star.

What an embarrassment for the Governor to be standing there thinking he's welcoming a major new employer to town when so many of the details clearly were not ferreted out ahead of time by DevelopIndy. The land hasn't even been sold to the company yet.

Here is the IBJ's take.

Something tells me this one was rushed out by Mayor Ballard's Office (or campaign) so that it could be a factor in the November 8 election.


Andrea Rodgers said...

I pray that this the real thing. I really need a job like this.If I cannot find a decent job I who am 61 will be forced to take my social security benefits at age 62. I am trying to wait for my full benefits at age 66 and if I can still work.

Anonymous said...

Gary Welsh at the blog Advance Indiana questions if Litebox is a company or has any employees.

"Litebox Founder Bob Yanagihara told reporters yesterday that his company employed 69 workers in California and Minnesota.

A quick search of businesses registered to do business in California and Minnesota according to their respective Secretary of State's websites shows no registration for the company."