Friday, October 7, 2011

Just One Reason Why I Still Support Barack Obama II

Got a little misty watching this. Consider, under President Barack Obama, men and women of our military forces can now serve proudly and openly without any regard for their sexual orientation. Thank you, Mr. President. Enjoy the video.

ALL of our fighting men and women are heroes, but I really want to thank those LGBT servicemen and servicewomen that have fought for me and for us even though this country's policy was to look down upon them as a second-class citizen based on who they love.

Now, for a little under a month, I can say that happens no more in this country.

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Kip said...

The old bald straight guy, when he said I am humbled to be in formation with these folks, really brings it home. Despite being deemed second class citizens, they stil fought and died for the country they believed in. Because they believed it would get better. And it has