Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Just an Endorsement...A Really Significant One

Abdul laments that the Indianapolis Star will be endorsing Melina Kennedy in its Sunday edition. After that, he immediately launched into several internet posts throwing shade on the announcement reminding his followers online that the Star endorsed Bart Peterson in 2007 and, after wanting him to resign, Monroe Gray in 2011. Other commenters on Abdul's page have been asking how the Star could endorse candidates and throwing even more shade on the endorsement.

I don't always agree with the Editorial Board of the Star. In fact, I quite often disagree, but they have looked at the issues and, for good or bad, have endorsed candidates from across the county. There were surprises, and there were expected endorsements. I expected Melina Kennedy to get the Star's endorsement because she is the best candidate for the job.

The fact that the right is up-in-arms and throwing around ridiculous questions either means that they don't understand how the First Amendment works, or the lights at the Ballard campaign just flickered. I think it's the latter.

While they try to throw shade on the endorsement of the largest-circulation newspaper in Indiana, please remind them that it's the EXPECTATION and TRADITION that the Star, via its editorial board, releases endorsements of candidates. This is not something they cooked up to help Melina Kennedy.

The Indianapolis Star, as most of you know, is not a Democratic Party-friendly newspaper historically. The fact that it did not apparently endorse the incumbent is extremely significant.

It definitely starts off the last full week of the 2011 campaign season in a very interesting manner.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Given how the Indy Star has for four years shielded Ballard from criticism add criticized anyone who questioned him as a partisan, I am frankly shocked that the Star would endorse Melina Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

The best point made in the Star endorsement is that while Ballard is concerned about brick and mortar that Melina is concerned about quality of life issues. That sums it up so well and that is why I am going to vote for Melina.