Monday, October 31, 2011

GOP Chair Attacks Star Endorsement of Kennedy

Marion County Republican Chairman Kyle Walker released a scathing criticism of the Indianapolis Star's editorial board for endorsing Melina Kennedy for Mayor. I guess that means that Republicans should throw out the endorsement the Star gave 17 of their party's 29 candidates for City-County Council.

It begins:
Republican friends,

You're probably familiar with Einstein's definition of insanity, "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Evidently, the Indianapolis Star Editorial Board does not recognize that by endorsing Melina Kennedy they are trying to do just that. It should come as no surprise to us, because Mayor Ballard is too pragmatic and just not liberal enough for them.

Yes, the same editorial board that endorsed such Republicans as Barbara Malone and Angel Rivera is apparently insane because it did not find Mayor Greg Ballard "liberal enough" according to Chairman Walker for its endorsement. Does that mean that Ryan Vaughn, who the paper endorsed, is a raving liberal? Christine Scales? Jack Sandlin? Ginny Cain? Yep...must all be crazy lefties.

Listen, I don't always agree with the Indianapolis Star Editorial Board, and I found some of their endorsements quite wrong. That said, I'm not going to go all Chairman Walker and say anything to discredit them.

You know though, in his opening salvo quoted above, Walker inadvertently makes the case that the Star made in its ringing endorsement for Kennedy. Ballard is practical, and Kennedy is idealistic. Ballard is running on the past, and Kennedy is focusing on the future. That's why she's the best candidate at this time. The Star gets it, but the Republicans don't.

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Anonymous said...

No one will ever confuse Kyle Walker or Greg Ballard with Einstein, but Einstein never actually said what Walker is attributing to him.

Neither did Ben Franklin or Mark Twain, Kyle, so don't go there either.

Google searches can get you in trouble when you use them to look up quick political zingers.

Maybe Kyle and mayor could google Litebox. That's turned out to be a real zinger too.