Monday, October 31, 2011

Dr. Straub Can't Support Own "Boss"

Frank Straub is a Democrat. I keep hearing that one from my friends that have wanted me to lay off the Public Safety Director. Some of those friends hold office in Marion County.

If the Marion County Democratic Party is correct, there's no way of telling if Frank Straub is a Democrat or a Republican by voter registration here in Indiana. He's apparently never voted in a primary OR a general election. That's because he's yet to apparently establish residency here. (SEE UPDATE)

That's right. Indy's Public Safety Director...the man who has really taken it upon himself to protect the city and Marion County is apparently so committed to the city that he has yet to establish himself as a resident here. (SEE UPDATE)

That means that this short missive from the Marion County Democratic Party is, well, probably true.

INDIANAPOLIS – The Marion County Democratic Party has learned that Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub will not vote for Mayor Greg Ballard in the November 8th, 2011 Municipal Election.

When I asked for clarification, a source at the MCDP responded:
After 3 years, Straub has never established residency. He is not registered to vote in Indianapolis, and thus will not be voting for Mayor Ballard. We believe that this shows a concerning lack of commitment not only to his boss, but also to our community. This is an individual who is in charge of one of the most important agencies in the City, who is responsible for Ballard’s job #1, and he has so little faith in the Mayor’s leadership, he won’t even be casting a vote.

Also interesting is the questions raised when you consider that city ordinances require employees to be residents of Marion County.

However you slice it, it's just odd.

The Mayor tells Channel 8 that Dr. Straub meets the residency requirement.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Unless Straub is commuting back and forth to New York, he is obviously a "resident" of Indianapolis. The notion that you can just pick and choose where you establish "residency" is nonsense. I'd be more worried if Straub were voting in New York even though he is living here.

Hmmm Things said...

Has Straub voted in New York since he moved here?