Friday, October 28, 2011

Dominguez Announces 2012 Plans

Former Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez was once a potential candidate for Indiana Governor, but that's all changed now.

Dominguez has announced that he's running for Lake County Commissioner in 2012, and he will run in a district that has an incumbent Democrat running for reelection.

Back as far as 2009, Dominguez had been exploring a run for the state's highest executive office. He registered a snappy website domain name,, and he started touring the state. When a whisper campaign around Evan Bayh was percolating that the ex-Governor might run for the office again after his Senate resignation, all candidates exploring a run backed off. Eventually, Bayh turned his back on a run for Governor, and John Gregg came forward.

With Gregg in the race, it wasn't likely that Dominguez would continue his run for Governor, and, slowly, he faded into the ether. A few weeks ago, I had a talk with a high-level political operative, and we chatted casually about Dominguez's chances to be on the state ticket as Lieutenant Governor. We agreed that the politics of Lake County might be just too toxic for Dominguez to be considered a serious candidate for maybe the second spot on the ticket right now even though he fit many qualifications.

Dominguez is a minority candidate. He also is from Northern Indiana in Da Region. Gregg is from Southwestern Indiana, and there's always a movement to balance the ticket. Depending on what happens, in 2012, I would think that Gregg would look north of Indianapolis as his Lieutenant Gubernatorial candidate. Lots of time before he has to think about that.

Dominguez is a great man. He's a true gentleman, and I've really enjoyed my four or five conversations with him. I had a nice long conversation with him in French Lick back in 2010 during the IDEA Convention. Of course, I can't report any of that because what happens in French Lick, stays in French Lick.

The person least thrilled about Roy's decision has to be the current Lake County Second District County Commissioner, Gerry Scheub. Dominguez is a popular figure in Lake County and likely will be the favorite to win that seat next year.

I'd say mark Dominguez off your list of potential Lieutenant Governor candidates.

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