Thursday, October 20, 2011

Daniels Wades Into At-Large Council Race

City-County Council President Ryan Vaughn tweeted yesterday that Governor Mitch Daniels had endorsed Republican At-Large City-County Councillor Angel Rivera and would be taking his endorsement to the airwaves in the form of a radio ad.

Why would the GOP need a guy like Daniels to get involved in a common City-County Council race? My guess is that internal polling must be showing that Rivera is in some serious trouble.

The At-Large race is key to the Democrats gaining back control of the City-County Council. An excellent slate of Democratic candidates as well as a high-profile and popular Libertarian (Bill Levin) combine to form a perfect storm of problems for Republican incumbents like Rivera and Barbara Malone.

The GOP needs those two seats to hold because it does not look like it's going to pick up any seats on November 8.

It also, I think, signals some weakness for Mayor Ballard. Why would Rivera need a bigger fish than the guy running with him on the ticket to improve his electoral chances? It just strikes me as odd.

I think Daniels' entry into the 2011 election fight is a bit late and all for naught. I predict a four-seat sweep on Election Day by Zach Adamson, John Barth, Pam Hickman, and Leroy Robinson.


Wilson46201 said...

Sadly, with all the hollering about "illegal aliens" from assorted GOP/TeaParty politicians, it's not a good time for somebody with a Latino name to be garnering Republican votes in Indianapolis...

William said...

I agree with your assement Jon, but you could even maybe read into it that he thinks there isnt a case for Ballard and that the best hope of keeping some GOP control in the capital city would be the council.

Paul K. Ogden said...

It's a lost cause. Ballard, even if he wins, isn't going to have the coattails to take any of the R at-large candidates with him. Daniels isn't going to change that, certainly not with a radio ad.

I can't say I will regret to see Rivera go off the council. He's been just about the worst rubber stamp on the council.

Anonymous said...

Rivera sounds like a recorded message from the mayor's office every time he says something.