Monday, October 24, 2011

Boneham Seeking Libertarian Nod

I'm sure you've heard it by now. Rupert Boneham wants to be your Governor. The celebrity of Survivor fame announced on Saturday that he was seeking the Libertarian nomination for Governor. It will certainly make this 2012 race for Indiana Governor that much more compelling.

Boneham, should he receive the nomination, will most certainly be included in the debates and certainly will receive lots of national press for his run. It will make this more of a nationally-interesting race.

It's too early to say just how hard Rupert will run at the nomination or how this will affect the already developing landscape. Before he came in, it was shaping up to be pretty interesting anyway.

On the Republican side, you have Mike Pence, the ultra-conservative, Tea Party-backed, fundraising machine against Jim Wallace, the moderate, mostly self-financed businessman with a former fighter pilot background.

Former Indiana Speaker of the House John Gregg is the major Democrat in the race. Gregg's homespun, self-deprecating manner hide a shrewd legislator that rose to the highest levels of the state legislature before stepping aside to be a good father. Well, John's boys are all grown up now, and he's ready to step back into the fight.

Pence is the frontrunner for the Republicans, and Gregg is running practically alone for the Democratic nod. Many political pundits thought this was Pence's race to lose should he get through the Primary, but others, like me, have said that John Gregg, a pro-gun, pro-life, and moderate Democrat should not be overlooked as a force to be reckoned with.

Now enter Boneham. He's definitely a political neophyte, but he's won elections before. After all, he was the "People's Choice" on Survivor winning him a $1,000,000 jackpot. Boneham has built a ton of good will towards him for his work as a youth advocate and philanthropist. His rags-to-riches story is inspiring. All of that goes on the table in a political campaign. Will the voters buy in to Boneham's positions on the issues?

He's already establishing himself as anti-union. Abdul gleefully reported on his new Indy Politics site that Boneham supports the Right to Work (for less) legislation at the Statehouse. That likely will not win him too many moderate Democratic votes. People will now start paying attention to Boneham in an entirely new way.

Will the star of Survivor be able to stand up in that climate where not everyone likes you all the time? We shall see. His entry into the race has already brought a national focus. Type Rupert Boneham Governor into any search engine and national articles pop up.

The way I see it, Boneham needs to decide now how he is going to run. Are we keeping the long hair and beard and tie dye? Are we going to make an image change? Is it "Rupert" that we're going to get as Governor or Rupert Boneham?

Should be an interesting 2012.


Nicolas Martin said...

Like most Libertarian Party candidates, Boneham is thin on content. Platitudes and bromides do not a worthy alternative maketh.

Don't tell me that he will fill in the blanks later. LP candidates are masters of the wishy-washy, and a serious candidate (and person) begins with core values and beliefs, he doesn't discover them as a candidate. Ron Paul is a good example of a serious libertarian candidate.

Anonymous said...

Andy Horning is also a good example of a serious Libertarian candidate.

Rupert has my support as long as he'll be a fiscal conservative.

Pence scares me because he would try to regulate our morality (marriage).

It always creeps me out when politicians are too churchy. They need to have some real faith in their God instead of trying to put God's work into the hands of politicians, who are mostly

Judging by how well Rupert managed the million he won on Survivor and all the good he did with it, I'm guessing he's good with money.

He also knows how to win.

Hoosierdaddy said...

Regarding Rupert being Anti- Union, shouldn’t be a surprise, network TV executives often create reality TV shows because of the low production cost. There is a lot of money to be saved by not hiring actors and writers who are part of their respective guilds. Rupert won a million dollars for completing a bunch of stunts on a whole season of Survivor, Guild Actors like Jerry Seinfeld and Charlie Sheen got a million plus per episode starring in sitcoms. It’s real easy to see why Rupert would come out in support of right to work.

Timothy Maguire said...

Rupert is NOT anti-union. He is in fact a union member. Disagreements with the union leadership on policy matters does not make one anti-union anymore than disagreements with the mayor make one anti-Indianapolis.

And Libertarian candidates are more often heavier on content and philosophy than any other candidatees. Andy Horning, Sean Shepard, Ed Coleman, myself, Rebecca Sink-Burris, Mike Kole, Rex Bell, Eric Schansberg, are just a couple of examples. Do a facebook search and you'll find a Libertarian Indiana Legislation review.

I've talked to Rupert, and he's solid. He understands the issues, he's a successful businessman, he runs his charity fiscally responsibly. His team is a little understaffed right now, they'll get issues out soon. I would only ask you to not make a decision either way until his issues have been put out.

Josh Featherstone said...

Rupert did a couple of TV interviews today, and from what I've seen the candidate Rupert will be half-way between what you call "Rupert" and "Rupert Boneham." He will stand on his principles and stand on the issues, but will also be unwilling to change who he his for the sake of presenting a fake face to the public.

For example, he has set aside the tie-dye tank-tops for sport coats and suits. He still has the beard (although it is trimmed a little bit compared to a few months ago.)

I agree that he does not fit the image of a typical politician. I, too, prefer someone to be a little more clean cut. I understand, though, that that has nothing to do with his positions on anything. If his ideas are the right ones, and are capapble of moving us in the right direction, I'm pretty sure I can accept a bushy beard.