Friday, October 21, 2011

Ballard On Defense As Mayor's Race Enters Final Days

The Mayor’s race just entered the fourth quarter. There are diverging strategies evident from both campaigns.

For Ballard, his strategy is defensive for sure. He’s playing this election not to lose. He continues to highlight his so-called accomplishments from his first term and not offering much more than a loose set of goals. He has still offered no vision other than to say, “Look what I’ve done.”

Kennedy unleashed a neighborhood initiative on Sunday in a place the Indianapolis Star reported had the city’s highest unemployment rate. Rather than concentrating on streets and roads, Kennedy wants to concentrate her plan on the people that drive on them.

All of this is playing for the last bit of undecided voters who remain unsure about a man who has been in office for four years that has yet to give a closing argument about why he should get another four years.

In analysis, Kennedy’s still playing to win, and she should be. The Mayor appears to be frantic and desperate, and he should be. Come November 8, he may become the first one-term Mayor of the Unigov era.

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