Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ballard in Desperation Mode?

The Marion County Democratic Party amplified some heavy accusations towards Mayor Greg Ballard's campaign that it is inappropriately calling city officials in the City-County Building and trying to sway them to show their support for the Mayor.

Here's the release in full:
Ballard Campaign Throwing Weight Around in City-County Building

Ballard’s Team Caught Making Inappropriate Campaign Calls to Staff Offices

INDIANAPOLIS - Distraught city employees have come forward with accusations that Mayor Ballard’s campaign made calls to offices in the City-County Building. Recorded voicemails, obtained by the Marion County Democratic Party and available for the media, exaggerate the Mayor’s record and urge city officials to display yard signs in support of the Mayor. A public records request has been submitted to evaluate the degree by which these infractions have occurred.

With just 34 days until the 2011 Municipal Election, Mayor Greg Ballard, the first Tea Party candidate, is quickly losing steam and getting sloppy. Local headlines scream of Ballard’s limited understanding of policy, his numerous broken promises, and his propensity to ignore Marion County residents. These, alongside the bold vision put forth by Melina Kennedy, have the Mayor now stooping to a new low as his campaign hopes to inappropriately coerce or compel city workers to support Ballard’s unhealthy reelection campaign.

“The Mayor recognizes that this race is one where he is clearly winded and falling behind, and he is desperate,” said Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy. “These calls, done inappropriately into staff offices, are nothing short of veiled threats-either support the Mayor or suffer the consequences. This type of activity is unacceptable and highlights further why Greg Ballard has got to go.”

Ballard's campaign has really no choice but to answer the claims, and I will be interested to see what those answers might be. Bottom line, it appears that this type of behavior by the Mayor's campaign is showing some level of desperation. You don't resort to tactics like these if you have that double digit lead that Marion County GOP Chair Kyle Walker wants you to believe the Mayor has.

There's probably more to come on this one.

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