Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Voter Turnout Pathetic in Indiana; Time to Change It

If you're reading this blog, you're probably a voter. That puts you far outside the norm in Indiana. A Civic Health Study ranks Indiana 48th in voter turnout going off the 2010 election, according to an editorial published in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

This really hits home for me. As someone that grew up in a household where news was a regular part of my television watching diet, I cannot believe so many people can just let other people determine the individuals that make, sign, and pass laws in this city, state and nation.

I can remember going with my mom to the polling sites when I was very little and watching her pull the big lever (usually the Republican one, full disclosure) and having that civic duty and right being impressed upon me.

As the editorial points out, Indiana has made it very difficult to vote with its extensive voter ID bill, and the Election Board (specifically the Republican on the Election Board) just refused to open satellite voting sites in Marion County again for the municipal elections. The GOP has spoken, and it's pleased with the voter turnout in the state. Why make it easier on someone to cast a ballot?

So, here we are, Indiana is 48th in voter turnout, and the powers-that-be don't seem to care because they want to stay the powers-that-be. Just another reason why people don't care, either.


Indy Student said...

I disagree with the Voter ID law making it harder to vote, and the statistics agree with me. 2004 turnout vs 2008, 2008 had a higher overall turnout with the percentage up quite a few points.

2004 didn't have the photo ID law. 2008 did.

The state has made it very easy to get a photo ID for the poor, carless, and elderly who already don't have one. I remember seeing somewhere that Julia Carson's congressional ID wasn't allowed for an election, and maybe some other forms of ID should be added, but I don't think asking for ID is a huge burden for votes. And apparently, neither does most of the voting population.

Anonymous said...

I'M curious. Who beat us to the bottom? Perhaps "The mayor formerly named Ballard" could rename Georgia St. No Vote Way?

J. England


Quick question. Do you really want people voting who do not know...

1. Who do not their city councilor is
2. Who do not who their state rep is
3. Who do not know who their state senator is
4. Who do not know who their Congress person is
5. Who do not know who their Senator is

I tell my friends who can't answer every one of those questions to stay home.

Anonymous said...

Off Subject:

Mitch Daniels uses state website to promote self & book instead of the business of the state.

Check out CBS video interview on home page of IEDC website

Anonymous said...

Ex-voter here. After seeing White get arrested for voting, and with my address situation not always being blueblood established, I'm not taking any chances.

This state loves to get everyone convicted of something. I don't really need to walk through another fire.

Anonymous said...

Off Subject:

Governor uses government's "Indiana Governor Youtube channel" to promote his book.

Is he wanting to cash out the Governor's office with private book profits, look for a new job as a GOP VP, so just stroke his ego?

Isn't there a law about using government assets for political campaigns or private gain?