Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Treacy Attacks Ballard on Jobs Record

The Marion County Democratic Party has been EXTREMELY active in the warfare of a close mayoral election. Yesterday, Chairman Ed Treacy lobbed a big volley aimed right at Mayor Greg Ballard's record on jobs and the recent revelation that Indy's unemployment rate has ticked up.

September 19, 2011

Ballard Out of Touch, Marion County Residents Out of Work

INDIANAPOLIS - Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy released today the following statement in response to Mayor Ballard’s recent interview with WRTV6:

Over the weekend, increasingly out of touch Mayor Greg Ballard said that Indianapolis has a “stable jobs climate.” Perhaps everything seems great when the Mayor is enjoying expensive seats at Lucas Oil Stadium, taking taxpayer funded trips to exotic locations, or reaping the benefits of his free country club memberships, but for the rest of us, times aren’t so good. Mayor Ballard has presided over the loss of 35,000 jobs in Indianapolis, and Marion County unemployment has risen to 9.2% - now passing the national average. Talk of flimsy job commitments isn’t good enough. We need actual jobs in Marion County, not more broken promises.

While Ballard continues to wear the mask of a folksy, non-political character and claims to be “just like the rest of us,” it is clear that the perks of public office have blinded him to the plight of our unemployed neighbors and friends. The candidate who promised to end country club politics is now the Mayor who has forgotten about countless Marion County residents who struggle to make ends meet. It is time Greg Ballard gets his pink slip, and we get Marion County residents back to work.

Treacy's attack hits on three fronts. The obvious first front is the jobs front. If you're a sitting Mayor, the last thing you want is an unemployment rate that is going up. I don't care how many commitments you've managed to garner; those simply are not jobs.

Front two is the perception that Ballard is not political. We've already discussed that one ad nauseum here. By his actions, Ballard has shown he (or the people he cedes control to) is just as political as anyone in the lions cage of politics.

Finally, the final front is this other perception that Ballard is one of us by highlighting his "trade missions" and his "free country club memberships." By his own admission, Ballard could not believe the number of people that had never been in Lucas Oil Stadium.

Pretty effective statement by the Chair. In just two paragraphs, he hits the Mayor's campaign on three fronts.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

It's an effective statement, but statements of this sort are only so effective. They get little media coverage, especially coming from the county chair.

They really need to package what he's saying into a commercial.