Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Perception=Reality on Crime

It's been a tough few days for Mayor Ballard on the campaign trail capped off by last week's big news that the FOP would be endorsing his Democratic opponent Melina Kennedy.

Of course, the Republican spin meisters are already off saying things like the vote was rigged. Isn't it funny what a difference four years makes? It was Ballard that won the endorsement of the FOP four years ago.

The Mayor can also tout in commercials that crime is down (he's about to again), but it really doesn't feel like it to the victims of these crimes.

Over the weekend, Scott Coxey, City-County Council candidate in District 23 had his car broken into and his garage door opened. Apparently nothing was stolen because the Coxeys have dogs, but it's still scary. For the Coxey's and their Southside neighbors, does it seem like crime is down? Nope.

This is something that plays out many times a day across Indianapolis. Numbers can be made to say many things. The way people feel is a personal thing. For crime victims, you can't change that with words and slick commercials.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

Of the 26 council candidates the FOP endorsed, 19 are Republican. The notion that Ballard lost because the vote was rigged is a joke. Ballard lost because of Public Safety Director Frank Straub and his mysterious support of him long after it became apparent he wasn't working out. Straub has demoralized the Department.