Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Cooks in Kitchen in 2nd District Congressional Race

Well, two Democrats want to be the next Congressperson from Indiana's 2nd District. Now, there are two Republicans. Frontrunner for the GOP nomination, Jackie Walorski, has been joined by LaPorte businessman Mitch Feikes.

This is not good news for Walorski who clearly counted on a clear path to the nomination in May 2012.

Can Feikes pull the upset over the well-financed Walorsky? That remains to be seen. The GOP says he has to settle his party status first.

As you may know, Indiana is a state that does not technically register voters by party. So, in Hoosierland, when someone says they are a "registered Republican" they are technically incorrect. Party affiliation can be determined by what primary the voter played around or voted in in the previous election. According to reports, Republicans are claiming that Feikes is a Democrat.

One way or another, it looks like Walorski may have to spend a little cash in the primary that she probably would not have had to spend. The parties want to see a Walorski vs. Mullen matchup, but it looks like the voters will determine if they agree or not.

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