Thursday, September 15, 2011

Libertarians May Make Real Difference in 2012

The Indiana Libertarian Party is quietly putting together a very interesting group of statewide candidates in 2012.

A week or so ago, Rupert Boneham decided to form an exploratory committee for Governor of Indiana. It remains to be seen whether or not the Survivor People's Champ can muster the kind of support it will take to mount a serious challenge or campaign.

Libertarians have another potential candidate that is more than a serious challenger in that realm.

Former candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis, Governor of Indiana, and 7th District Congress, Andrew Horning announced on his Facebook page that he is considering a run for U.S. Senate in 2012, presumably as a Libertarian. Horning ran for Congress before as a Republican against Julia Carson in 2004 and ran a very credible campaign.

Andy is smart, well-spoken, and may pull the votes of moderates (and even Democrats) that aren't sure about Joe Donnelly or Richard Lugar or, if necessary, would never in a billion years vote for Richard Mourdock.

Much still depends on what happens on the right side of the ledger. The bubbling Republican primary fight is currently simmering on the stove. Lugar and Mourdoch are iin. Mike Delph still has his finger in the stew testing the temperature.

With due respect to Senator Lugar, Horning would be the best choice for Republicans in 2012. That should be good news for Joe Donnelly, but Horning may also be a sensible choice for disillusioned Democrats who dislike Donnelly's moderate views.

2012 is getting more interesting by the minute!

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