Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LGBT Candidates Signal Step Forward for Societal Attitudes

Yesterday, the Indianapolis Star’s Jon Murray penned an article talking about the three openly gay candidates running for City-County Council.

Zach Adamson, Jackie Butler, and Todd Woodmansee, as the article points out, are all Democrats and are trying to prove on the campaign trail that people care more about issues affecting the city and county more than the sexual orientation of the person elected to address them.

I’m glad the article was written. It certainly signals a change in the atmosphere of politics in Marion County. If the three are elected along with Melina Kennedy as Mayor, we will have a female Mayor, gay City-County Councillors, and a Muslim Congressman. In 2008, Indianapolis voted, by a wide margin, for an African-American for President. Fifteen years ago, did you ever think this would be possible?

Back then, Indianapolis was still a Republican stronghold, one of the most conservative big cities in the nation. How things have changed! With that said, there’s still a long way to go. And, while Murray did a great job on the piece, here’s to hoping that in the future an article like this won’t need to be written because being gay will be just like being straight.

Nevertheless, I’m very proud of my party, my friends Todd, Jackie, and Zach, and the LGBT community in Indianapolis for putting forward some qualified and excellent candidates for public office.


guy77money said...

Not sure about Jackie or Todd but I met Zach this summer and was quite impressed with his knowledge on the issues that Indianapolis faces in the future. He also stated he would not be a lap dog for mayor or the big businesses and law firms that seem to dominate Marion County politics. He has my vote this November.

AmericanVet said...

Conservativism and smart businessmen make for jobs and income. How is socialism a step forward? Step forward into what? People who flaunt unusual sexual deviancies, which should remain personal and not public, then expect to be elected because they are a tiny minority? If Indianapolis is striving to be San Francisco, go for it, maybe the jobs will come up here to Lake County!

AmericanVet said...

Fat chance the blog owner publishes my comment.

Jon E. Easter said...

Your opinions, however misguided, AmericanVet, are not supported by science nor most Americans. They are a relic of the past.

On another note, thank you for your service, if you are truly an "AmericanVet".