Thursday, September 1, 2011

Indiana's 2nd Congressional District Race Gets Interesting

Jackie Walorski is wanting another opportunity to try to take the Indiana Second District U.S. Congress seat in 2012. On the Democrat side, things are a bit complicated.

Currently, the 2nd District belongs to Joe Donnelly, but he's running for United States Senate. The derby to replace him features two Democrats: Andrew Straw and Brendan Mullen are running to win the nomination. At the IDEA Convention, the Indiana State Democratic Central Committee met and they endorsed Mullen.

Straw has been running longer, though. So far, he has had an active Facebook presence and has been strongly advocating for individuals with disabilities. He filed an ADA complaint, for example, against the South Bend Democratic Headquarters for not being accessible. Mullen is talking up his extensive and highly-decorated military background as a United States Army veteran.

Both Mullen and Straw want the job, but the new district would seem to favor Walorski. Donnelly won in a close battle in 2010, but he did stem the Republican tide and exceed expectations as many experts saw the district turning red. The new district is decidedly more red than it used to be, but Walorsky, frankly, is not all that likable. I can see the right Democrat making this a race. Looks like Dems in the 2nd have some things to decide.

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