Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hospitality Way? Really?

Just a few months after accepting proposals to change Monument Circle into something else it doesn't need to be, the City of Indianapolis is trying to rename a street in downtown Indianapolis.

Georgia Street, a short but important side artery in downtown Indianapolis is apparently going to be renamed. Why? Because they can.

Some of the suggested names so far, according to my friend Matt Stone over at Indy Student, include: Champions Way and Hospitality Way. Yeah...might as well name it Doofus Street!

If it must be renamed, I say rename it Hudnut Avenue. In my opinion, no single Mayor is responsible for what Indianapolis has become more than Bill Hudnut. He had the vision of Indianapolis becoming a World Class City and did what it took to build it. Yes, he was a Republican, but he was a good Mayor.

That said, I just don't seen any reason why it needs to be renamed. Georgia Street is fine. It has a bit of character, and it has history. This short but wonderful piece on Historic Indianapolis' website describes some of that history. Certainly, we don't need something stupid on that street sign. Hospitality Way is like growing up with the name Jon Easter. Your first name is a toilet and your last name a holiday where you can add "bunny" to the end. Not that I know anything about that.

Can you imagine how Washington Street will laugh at Hospitality Way? Meridian Street will be rolling down Market! Don't do this to your city. Rise up and tell the good folks downtown to keep Georgia Street as the name of Georgia Street.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

What gives Indianapolis Downtown, a private entity (heavily subsidized by our tax dollars) the right to rename our streets.

I wonder who is supposed to have this authority.

Anonymous said...

If it has to be renamed, how about St. Johns Way? The oldest building on the street. Build in 1871

Doug said...

First, I'm not sure if Alexander Ralston named the streets when he laid out the mile square, but we've messed up his beautiful plan enough. Leave the name alone.

Second, I don't think the City has abdicated street-named authority; just allowing a private entity to run the re-naming contest. Don't we just love public-private partnerships in the Circle City?

Third, Am I the only Hoosier who remembers that our native son Hoagy Carmichael wrote "Georgia On My Mind"? With just a bit of imagination, something wonderful could be made of that fact.