Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Hodge Podge: Various Reactions to Various Topics, Ballard Ad

Obama Speech Reactions
I watched President Barack Obama's speech about the economy and job creation last night, and, while I support the President's premise and his efforts, I could not help but feel a little fatigued from all the initiatives we have tried. I'm sure it's the same fatigue that the President is feeling, too.

With that said, I know that the President has to do something. Even though Congress has more control over some of the things that can shake loose the economy, people were looking to the President for leadership. It was poor political staging to upstage the NFL's return act, but it was definitely a speech that showed a great deal of leadership. Obama's numbers keep sagging, and he had to do something.

Republicans Underwhelming
Well, Michele Bachmann has been relegated to carnival barker act (sorry to carnival barkers), Ron Paul continues to make himself look appealing (despite his actual record), and Jon Huntsman keeps getting ignored, but that battle between the two Ken dolls is really taking off.

I never thought George W. Bush could run for another term, but this Rick Perry disguise is really fooling some people. The other properly-coiffed one is, of course, Mitt Romney. Romney sure looks like he's out of central casting for President, but he's very underwhelming on the charisma meter and his ideas show a disconnect with the Governor he was in Massachusetts.

Does anyone else think that if Mitt Romney would just be himself and be the guy he was when he was the Governor of Massachusetts that he would be a very attractive choice to pull votes over from Democrats?

Did I watch the Republican debate on Wednesday? Nope. I had paint to watch dry.

Interesting Case in South Bend
A judge in South Bend ruled that the City of South Bend could not transfer public lands to South Bend St. Joe High School to build a football field. Why? Because the move would violate the First Amendment.

So, let me get this straight, we can give money earmarked for public schools to religious institutions, but we can't give public land to them. Hmm...probably an apples to oranges comparison here, but we'll see if this might be a new precedent that could be used in the fight against vouchers.

Ballard's Second Ad
Everytime Greg Ballard says, "We all know; politics really isn't my thing," in his new ad, I want to barf. Dude, you're a Mayor and an elected official. You are a politician that's got our assets tied up in your reelection campaign (disguised as an infrastructure improvement plan).

STOP IT! Politics is exactly what you do, everyday. It's the business of being the Mayor of one of the largest cities in the country is, Mr. Mayor. Quit playing the "aw shucks" card.

The truth is what many of us seem to know, "Mayor isn't your thing, either." Is it November, yet?

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