Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Hodge Podge: Steve Goldsmith, Andre Carson, Happy Labor Day

Goldsmith Arrested
Former Mayor of Indianapolis and Deputy Mayor of New York City, Steve Goldsmith was arrested for an alleged altercation with his wife, Margaret, on July 30. Both Goldsmiths deny the accusation and say that there was no domestic battery and that Goldsmith was only arrested because Washington, D.C. law forced it. Mrs. Goldsmith filed no charges, and I have no interest in airing Goldsmith's dirty laundry here.

Goldsmith did resign as New York City's Deputy Mayor because of the arrest. If this is the end of his political career, it certainly has been a long ride for Goldsmith. The arrest came after a poor tenure as NYC Deputy Mayor for Goldsmith as he drew wide criticism for the way he handled the New York City blizzard this past winter. I'm sure he was wanting to end his career on a happier note. Instead, he is going down with a cloud of controversy over his career. Not the swan song anyone would want.

Andre Carson Stands Tall
I didn't agree with the language Andre Carson used when he made his inflammatory comments about race relations between African-Americans and Tea Partiers, but the Congressman has really stood tall and has taken all responsibility for his words.

There's something to admire about that. Many times when politicians are caught on tape saying things that are not palatable to the public at large, they find a way to get the truck in reverse as fast as possible. Carson made a soft apology saying that his comments weren't intended to "hurt" anyone, but he then went right back to standing behind what he said.

It's another example of "I don't agree with what you said, but I will stand for your right to say it."

Happy Labor Day
Monday is Labor Day, and I'm going to take the weekend off from blogging. Hopefully you have a happy Labor Day, and let's remember who got Labor Day for you. Our union brothers and sisters that pushed for the day and made it possible. Thanks to all of you in organized labor and all you do for workers in our society today.

Unless some bombshell drops, see you on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

My problem with what Carson said is the devolution of the conversation. His argument is solid to the extent blacks are more adversely affected than whites when the topic of reductions in spending vis-a-vis entitlements arises (Poor whites are adversely affected too though. And there are a lot in his district.) Why not say just that though? Instead, he takes it to a new (and lower) level when he compares the actions of fiscal conservatives in Congress to the illegal and immoral actions of the KKK or other racist groups and individuals. Carson now is no better than the perennial race baiters like Farakhan and "the Reverend". By the way, does the blatant ignorance shown by Carson provide any fuel to the argument that he lied about being spit on and called racial slurs by Tea Partiers protesting at the Capital last year? I mean, there was never any video evidence found supporting his position, right? Just food for thought.

Melyssa said...

As a woman who led the state wide Tea Parties in 2007 and who today does work to help lift up and support those in our inner cities, I was personally offended by Carson's remarks.

If Carson is going to put horrible labels on those of us who don't agree with a government who overspends and overtaxes, then he needs to call out specifically who he accuses wants to see our fellow humans hanging from trees.

In order to have true equality of humans, we need to feel free to criticize politicians' policy regardless of race.

As it is today, if we dare step out and criticize the ideas and policy of black politicians, we run the risk of being labeled racist.

Carson's hate-filled rhetoric serves only to divide us and does not unite people.

And everyone knows a divided people can be conquered.

As for me, I want my work to stand for uniting us.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I still say that they people who should be offended by Carson's remarks are those who lived through the civil rights fights and who actually faced lynchings and Jim Crow. The sacrificies of those people are what Carson denigrates when he compares today to what it was like back then.

Anonymous said...

You missed the biggest news...Bill Levin had a plastic pot plant at his table last night. A lot of people were asking if they could get their picture taken with it.

You have got to give it to that guy, he is wacky

Hoosiers for Indiana said...

As a white man, I feel that it is about time that racist groups are labelEd for what they are.

If you don't like the label, then demonstrate, by your actions and words that you are different.

Hoosiers for Indiana said...

No one has denied that the Tea Party is racist.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa, your comments offend me often but you have the right to say them. I agree totally with Andre Carson and he has the right to say them.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa, your comments offend me often but you have the right to say them. I agree totally with Andre Carson and he has the right to say them.