Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Hodge Podge: Kennedy Leads Poll; Historic Indiana Takes on Rebuild Indy; Dems Pay Up

Kennedy Pulls Ahead in Poll
After reports to the contrary on other sites, the Marion County Democratic Party released polling results to supporters for the first time yesterday. The results show that Melina Kennedy has taken the lead over Greg Ballard. Here's the release:

Over the evenings of September 20-21, the Marion County Democratic Party conducted a survey of 403 likely voters in Marion County. The research was conducted by Jim Riggs, Ph.D., of Riggs Research Services, a locally-based professional public opinion polling firm. The sample was geographically and demographically representative. The results came back this morning, and I wanted you to be the first to know the exciting news in the race for Indianapolis Mayor.

Forty-seven days before Election Day, Democratic nominee Melina Kennedy has overtaken Republican incumbent Greg Ballard. Weeks before outside observers anticipated, Kennedy has taken the lead and is only picking up her pace. Conventional wisdom dictates that an incumbent below fifty-percent is in trouble.

We just got the results back and are still digesting them, but wanted to share with you the exciting news first. Melina Kennedy now leads Greg Ballard 40-38. The full results are as follows:

The candidates in the upcoming election for Mayor of Indianapolis are Melina Kennedy, the Democrat, and Greg Ballard, the Republican. For whom would you vote if the election was held today – Kennedy or Greg Ballard? [If “Not Sure,” ASK:] Well, which way do you lean at this time – Lean Kennedy or Lean Ballard? (N=403)

N (Solid Support)
Democrat, Melina Kennedy 40 (38)
Republican, Greg Ballard 38 (36)
Don't Know or Undecided 21

This is good news for Kennedy, but the road is still long.

Historic Indianapolis Enters Fray on Rebuild Indy
The folks over at Historic Indianapolis are not political by nature, but they are definitely pro-history. They are extremely critical of the Rebuild Indy initiative which would rather knock down some potentially historic homes in Indianapolis instead of giving them new lives. They released this video on YouTube.

Dems Paying Fines For Walkout
Several news outlets report that the Democratic House Caucus, who staged a month-long walkout this last General Assembly session, have paid almost all the fines owed. The Associate Press reports just $12,000 remains uncollected. A lawsuit over the fines also remains unheard, according to the AP.

It wasn't about the fines; it was the principle. I still say BRAVO to the legislators that participated.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I get why this is good news. It's a Dem county and Melina is at only 40 presumably within the margin of error...after running a bunch of TV.

William said...

For a challenger to be ahead at this point is beyond good news. And for an incumbent to be below 50 let alone 40 is a MAJOR problem.

The work is not done, but this shows really strong movement towards Kennedy.