Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Hodge Podge: Georgia on Ballard's Mind; Reske Expected to Announce 5th District Run; Mourdock Doubles Down With Tea Party

Channel 13 reported on its 6:00 p.m. newscast that Mayor Greg Ballard has directed Indy Downtown Inc. to abandon the efforts to rename Georgia Street.

While a few people couldn't see the issue in this, it was clearly a sore spot for many residents of Indianapolis. A Facebook group popped up and quickly gained a number of likes, and the debate was very spirited. Last week, Indy Democrat was first to report that Councillor Angela Mansfield had drafted a proposal for a City-County Council resolution to urge the Mayor to leave Georgia Street as is.

This blog took the position that was finally reached. Alexander Ralston's vision for the city has won least for now. Channel 13 reporter Mary Milz said the city is holding open the possibility of a new name for the street in the future if city residents changed their minds after seeing the new amenities and boardwalk. Indy Downtown Inc. also will manage the boardwalk and venue itself, according to the Mayor's spokesperson.

Reske Running?
Pendleton's Scott Reske has scheduled an announcement on Saturday about the 5th District Congressional race. The Democrat is expected to announce that he's running for Congress against Dan Burton and the assorted other Republicans in this crowded field.

Reske spoke briefly at the Marion County Democratic Party Reverse Raffle and Chili Supper downtown on Sunday. Because it was a loud environment, I missed his comments, but he was there and was given time to speak. Should be interesting to see if he gains traction against Burton and the R's.

Tea Party Endorses Mourdock
The Tea Party Express has endorsed Richard Mourdock, and the Indiana Tea Party has added an endorsement as well.

Given the current feeling of Americans towards the Tea Party, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing for Mourdock. Seems like the Tea Party label is becoming so 2010.

Richard Lugar is not a progressive or a liberal, Republicans. He's conservative. Look at his voting record, and you'll see it.

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Ben said...

I noticed on TV last night that Mourdock was making a big deal about the $2,500 from the Tea Party Express.It was some whack job woman from Georgia that made the check presentation and was trashing Lugar.

WTH? First, Lugar can raise $2,500 with one phone call.
Second,why should w care what some whack job woman from Georgia thinks and how dare she criticize one of the countries elder states men like that.

Im surprised that the local TV stations gave it that much time.

Mourdock is pure evil