Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Hodge Podge: Delph Dumps Senate Run, Plowman Convicted, Happy Birthday John Layton, Blogger Note

Delph Out
Well, unbeknownst to me (who put in a blog post for Sep. 15 that he was considering a run) Mike Delph pulled out of any Congressional races for 2012 on Wednesday. Delph, who seems to want to be a national player so bad that he can taste it, cited family concerns as his overall reason for pulling out of the 2012 derbies.

If it truly was the desire to continue to focus in on raising his family, I say bravo. The bad news is that Delph will be still here in Indiana to push the Tea Party line.

Plowman Plowed
Lincoln Plowman, former IMPD command level officer and City-County Councillor, was found guilty in federal court of attempted extortion and bribery. Plowman is just the latest Republican to find himself in a pickle with the wrong side of justice. This fact did not escape the Marion County Democratic Party who sent out this release:

Lincoln Plowman, a former Republican City-County Councillor and senior leader of his caucus, was found guilty today on charges of extortion and bribery, further exposing the culture of corruption that has defined the Marion County Republican Party for years. Plowman, who was ironically handpicked by Mayor Greg Ballard to run the IMPD Vice Unit, joins the likes of federally indicted Republican fundraiser Tim Durham, disgraced State Representative Phil Hinkle, the late Constable Roy Houchins, and discredited former prosecutor Carl Brizzi on the ever-growing list of corrupt politicians who have permeated the Republican establishment.

We already know the Marion County Republican Party is crumbling, and it now leads us to question the integrity of its foundation. With Mayor Ballard’s closest friends and political allies continuing to fall all around him, it is hard to tell who we can trust, if anyone, in the Republican Party. Enough is enough. We need to clean up our local government and Ballard should be the next to go.

Layton's Birthday
John Layton will celebrate his birthday with friends at an event on Saturday at his home. It's being billed as his "59th" birthday. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite public officials and my good friend, Sheriff John Layton.

No Posts This Weekend

Unless there is something breaking, I'm taking the weekend off. We'll see you on Monday!

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