Monday, September 19, 2011

Abdul Charging Hefty Price for Political Gossip

Since leaving WXNT (show was dumped due to corporate decision), right-leaning political commentator Abdul-Hakim Shabazz hasn't missed a beat. You have to give him that whether you like him or not. One of his latest moves is pretty shameless, even for Mr. Shabazz.

I know he's an avid reader of the blog. He even occasionally gives me some love as he did (indirectly and out of context) on the RTV6 Capitol Watchblog, today. I appreciate that, and I really do appreciate his friendship. Our rivalry is more of a friendly one. That said, I have to call him out on something.

Abdul is peddling political rumors and innuendo for $20. That's right. Stuff that he's essentially making up (or largely basing on complete hearsay) is going for cash money on his new political website. Guess I'm doing it all wrong!

I'm sure someone is paying the price, so good for Abdul for getting it. I just can't believe what some people will pay for.


Wilson46201 said...

why spend the money? just get on Ballard's and the State GOP mailing list for free: same info !

Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm sorry, I was thrown by the description of Abdul as "right wing." Most conservatives I know would disagree.

There is already precedent for insider information at the state level being sold with Legislative Insight. My guess is Abdul will do a similiar thing with local politics. Of course with Abdul you know it's coming with a pro-establishment slant and some of it may be made completely up.

I can't fault Abdul for trying different ways to make money in this new economy. Again, Jon, I think you're being unfairly critical. Abdul is a full-time media guy who lost his main source of revenue, his radio gig. You on the other hand are a full-time teacher who makes undoubtedly a good salary and benefits. Blogging is just a hobby to you that you do in addition to your job. With Abdul he has to make a living off of media.

Jon E. Easter said...

Did I say right wing? Was I critical? I'm just pointing out that it's amazing what people will pay for.

Jon E. Easter said...

And, by the way, Abdul and I are fine, Paul. He thanked me for the publicity.

Anonymous said...

paul, while there is precedent with selling inside information as in legislative insight, education insight, and howey politics, surely you do not equate the fiction and half baked opinions of Abdul with Ed Feigenbaum and Brian Howey do you? the original posting is accurate: Abdul makes half of his stuff up, and has become a shameless shill for the Marion County GOP and other of his cronies and allies.