Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What's Wrong With This Picture?


Listen, I think Michele Bachmann is two cylinders short of an engine, but these kinds of selections by a news magazine like Newsweek are a little out of bounds, in my view. I mean, this is Newsweek and not some harebrained Indiana blog.

Ok, I've actually used photos that may have made people look silly at times, but I don't consider what I do here high journalism. It's opinion. I have the right, as the editor of this blog, to select pictures to illustrate a point.

I'm not a major magazine with thousands of subscribers that puts myself out there as some journalistic exercise. There is a difference, and I'm willing to continue to debate anyone on this.

So, I think Newsweek was just wrong for choosing that particular photo out of no doubt several that were taken in the session. It's not a candid shot. These folks knew what they were doing to begin with, and they did it.

This is why the "lamestream" media claims have legs!


Doug said...

I'm puzzled as to why we who are left of center feel a need to apologize for any negative depiction of conservatives. The right wing media never hestitates to depict us in the most base and hateful ways possible, and never apologize. Freedom of the press works both ways. What's more, it's a shrewd move by the Newsweek editors. No matter what anyone thinks of the cover, they're talking about Newsweek!

Eric said...

That's silly! Few political figures
have been more wacky or loopy than
Michele Bachmann (Sarah Palin?), that is until she recently submitted herself to control by "political handlers". The Newsweek cover photo accurrately reflects what's inside her mind.
Olbermann at Current T.V. and the guys at MSNBC had fun with this Monday night. I thought yours was
a DEMOCRATIC blog? Quit worrying about how magazines portray airhead Republican presidential
candidates. Bachmann could be commander-in-chief someday. That's what you should be worried about!

Jon E. Easter said...

Just because it's a Democratic blog, it doesn't mean that I can't express opinions about something I feel was poor journalism. That's the point of my blog post. It's not so much that it's Michele Bachmann but that a mainstream, respected media source decided it was apparently ok to be bad journalists.

These are the kinds of things we expect from Fox News or other News Corp. properties.