Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pence Supporters Seem to See Nomination as Inevitable

Mike Pence's supporters believe that the divisive U.S. Representative is so electable that they are already talking about Lieutenant Governor candidates. Um, one small detail there...he's in a potentially tough primary.

There's only one candidate that is running television advertisements for the 2012 Gubernatorial race right now, and that's Jim Wallace. The Hamilton County businessman, Army veteran, and Harvard Business School graduate has cash in his pocket. Clearly, he's not being shy about spending it.

All the while, Pence supporters are whistling calmly as if no one else is in the race. Career politician and current Indiana Auditor of State, Tim Berry, is being floated as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor as well as others. Pence must first get through the Primary.

It's this kind of arrogance among the Pence supporters that may turn more independent voters off and perhaps even pull some Democrats over to play in the Republican Primary come 2012. After all, can anyone have much confidence in Pence's uneven start to his campaign for Governor? Sure he can raise money, but his first policy point on tax cuts drew as much criticism as praise from economists and potential voters.

I think Wallace is still an underdog at this point, but he can take a big bite out of Pence before John Gregg gets to him.

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