Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pence Already Appears to Be Flip Flopping Already

Just a couple of weeks ago, Mike Pence made headlines when he flip flopped and talked went against his own policy of not talking policy until May of 2012.

His first bite at the apple? Pence wanted to cut the income and corporate taxes to three percent as well as get rid of the inheritance tax and chop a fourth tax he did not identify.

Pence is out talking policy again. At a function in New Albany last week, Pence took a second bite at the apple, time to cut the payroll tax, income tax and (again) the inheritance tax and replace it with the flat tax.

So, does this supersede the first plan, or is that one still in effect? What is that fourth tax? Is it the payroll tax? Will he reveal the fourth tax? I'm so freakin' confused. This is all just a little taxing.

Pence must know that fiddling with the state's tax structure could be extremely detrimental to schools and local government. We've already seen what the property tax caps have done to school funding as well as tightening local government budgets.

What do we know about Mike Pence so far? He's got a closet full of flip flops. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, perhaps Pence should have just followed his own advice and stayed policy silent until May 2012.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Pence doesn't win, and if he does, it is not with the large majorities of Republicans that are in the house and senate today. They will be nothing but a rubber stamp for his agenda.

Bill said...

The fact that Wallace hired Pearcey should make him nervous. I don't think that Wallace is messing around.

Anonymous said...

Since Indiana only has one income tax rate, don't we already have a flat tax?