Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kennedy on TV

Editor's Note: See the update at the end of post.

Melina Kennedy is escalating the campaign for Mayor of Indianapolis by hitting the television stations with the first ad of the campaign. No one knows the exact details of the ad that is expected to air today during the evening newscasts.

This certainly is the first big spend by the Kennedy campaign, and it signals an escalation of the race that has its finish line just 88 days away.

Mayor Greg Ballard continues to be quietly going about his campaign for Mayor rarely making any comments on any issues of note in public. This didn't escape fellow blogger, Terry Burns, who riffed on an Indy Star report that Mayor Ballard was adamant about something, the size of 14 executive lockers at the new bike hub in the City Market.

Instead, it's been Kennedy who's been the aggressor lately on major issues of crime, economic development, and education. She's delivered major policy speeches to two organizations. Her Vision 2021 plan has provided a clear mission statement for her first term in office. She also went on the record on how to improve education in Indianapolis as well while Ballard has remained silent.

I am interested to see what Kennedy's first ad will highlight. Kennedy has some money to spend, and it's clear now that she's ready to put her campaign to unseat the Mayor in front of even more potential voters.

Kennedy's ad indeed aired tonight. I saw it at least twice on WTHR. The ad was positive playing up Kennedy's compelling bio point where she waited tables to help put herself through IU. It used that as a transition to highlight her education platform. Granted, the Mayor has little direct control over traditional public schools or private schools in town, but the Mayor can issue charters and revoke them.

It's a large bully pulpit to advocate for our children and our community. Kennedy's first ad pointed all of that out. Unfortunately, it's not available on YouTube only on her website. Here's a link to the video page.

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Must read Jim Shella comments on his blog.

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