Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garrison's Guest Host Compares Gay Marriage to Bestiality, Pedophilia

I was driving back to work from a doctor's appointment today, and I turned on the Garrison program on 93.1, WIBC. Garrison was off, and Tom Rose was substituting for him.

Rose was interviewing an author named John Lott, the author of More Guns, Less Crime, in reference to some ridiculous report that some psychologists want to decriminalize pedophilia. I say ridiculous not because the report doesn't exist but because what judge or legislature would overturn longstanding criminal law that rightly protects children. Personally, it's a ridiculous thing to devote time to on a local radio program...especially when there's a City-County Council race, a Mayor's race, and all sorts of interesting local things going on right now.

Anyway, the right apparently is inflamed over this non-issue and is using this one issue to paint all liberals with one usual.

Rose brought up the theory of moral relativity or the idea that as things become more accepted, they stop being wrong. He suddenly brought gay marriage into the equation by saying, "One guy wants to marry a man. That's fine. The other guy his horse. That's fine. Another guy wants to sexually abuse children. Well, hey, that's fine, too." You can hear the entire interview on the podcast from the Garrison show website. Click to about the 18:07 to hear the quote start.


I picked up my phone, dialed 239-9393, and I gave the producer a piece of my mind. Where do they find these folks?

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Anonymous said...

Garrison's show is just a venue for the bigots and maladjusted to spew their hateful views. I don't listen to his crap anymore.