Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"The Fix" Names Best Hoosier Political Blogs; This Isn't One of Them

Despite several nominations (for which I thank you), Indy Democrat did not make the list of Chris Cilizza's best political blogs for the state of Indiana. Instead, three conservative blogs all made the list. They are:

Capitol & Washington
Hoosier Access
Indiana Barrister

No lefty blogs made the list.

I take pride in what I do on this blog, and I will continue to work to be named one of the best blogs in Indiana. Congratulations to the three that made the list and especially to my friend, Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

Maybe if I make more stuff up, I'll make it next year.


Anonymous said...

Who would want to be in the company of the rumor mill and lies posted by Indiana Barrister.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mr. Cilizza put much research into this list, he just picked a couple with the better web designs.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Is all you had to do to get on the list was nominate your own blog like these other three blogs did, Jon. That's how it worked the last time he created the list because that's how I got on it then. I thought if The Fix wasn't willing to put any more evaluation into which blogs to include on the list, it wasn't worth the mention.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I agree with Welsh. Waste of time.

guy77money said...

As my son would say in jest "REALLY!". I would say the "The Fix is in." ;)