Saturday, August 20, 2011

Does City Care about Fountain Square?

The expansion of the Cultural Trail down to Fountain Square was supposed to have been a big help for the wonderful example of urban revitalization. Now, coupled with a bad economic situation, the construction, that was supposed to have been complete by now, has helped spell doom for a couple of businesses and is perhaps sealing the fate of a few others.

Late last year, I discovered the wonderful Square Rootz Deli. The gay-owned and operated business featured some truly delicious sandwiches. The Hoshi Melt was something of culinary art. Today, you can't get a Hoshi Melt anymore in Fountain Square because the deli is gone. Square Rootz is not the only one that felt more than a pinch there.

Local media has been on the subject, and the Indianapolis Star just reported on it today.

The Star reports that normal city line that old trolley tracks and the discovery of a vault have slowed construction, but one local report from channel 13 talks about the lack of progress and work on the project.

I think the city should be helping these businesses out more instead of letting them die on the vine. Perhaps using some of the fake prop-up shell game money that Mayor Ballard used to create the illusion of a balanced budget could be diverted to a small advertising campaign to help people understand the wonders of Fountain Square.

It might go a little way to helping businesses in the Square know that the city cares about them and what happens to them in the future. It might also keep those small, lifeblood-of-the-city, businesses from shutting down. The project was supposed to have been finished last month, but the city is now saying that it will be the end of the year before the project is done.

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Anonymous said...

Your entire idea will not work. Why? Mayor Ballard and his rich friends do NOT care about Fountain Square.