Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coleman vs. Interesting Undercard

On November 8, people will be paying attention to the political races at the top of the ballot.

If Kennedy vs. Ballard vs. Bowen is the main event, few would expect the District 24 race for City-County Council to be a very interesting undercard, and things just got even more interesting last week.

Libertarian incumbent Ed Coleman, as most of you know, is an At-Large Councillor. He made the decision to give up his seat and run for the District 24 seat currently held by another incumbent, Jack Sandlin. Sandlin was not elected but was appointed to the seat replacing now State Rep. Mike Speedy.

Recently, the Libertarian National Committee made a huge donation to Coleman in the amount of $50,000. Sandlin, who was ousted as Perry Township Trustee by Perry Township voters in 2006, has about 20 percent of that total in his campaign account, according to the Indianapolis Star. That means that Coleman is pretty much now the most well-financed Libertarian in recent memory, if not ever, in Marion County politics.

Given Sandlin's history with Perry voters, it's not unreasonable to think that Coleman's newly found campaign warchest might come in quite handy.

Also notable is that Marion County Democratic Party Chairman, Ed Treacy, chose to leave this seat wide open on the Democratic side of the ballot and allow the anti-Sandlin votes to coalesce around Coleman.

Will the money Coleman now has be enough to cause Republicans to scratch and vote for a Libertarian. I guess we'll find out on November 8. Should be fun to watch.

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Bill said...

Sandlin is a very scary man.I have been told that he has had his investigators run checks on all of the members of the CCC to find out where their soft spots are.That scares the hell out of me.Imagine what he coudl do to us normal citizens