Monday, August 29, 2011

Ballard Camp Forgetting 2007

Greg Ballard's mouthpiece, Kyle Walker attacked Melina Kennedy for negative campaigning in the Mayor's race. Does Mayor Ballard really expect us to believe he has credibility on this? Charges of negative campaigning coming from the guy that had the slogan "Had Enough?" in 2007?

Ballard did nothing but promise unrealistic things and send negative attacks (both coordinated and uncoordinated) towards the former Mayor during that race. Now, we are four years later, and he wants us to forget and instead somehow believe that Kennedy's comparison ads are negative.

Ballard's 2007 campaign was born on third base, but they thought they hit the triple. It was an easy task to whip up the property tax angst and point it at Peterson. As much as he capitalized on that, Ballard also used the COIT increase (which still hasn't been repealed) against Peterson though the money was to go to public safety. The only thing they had to do was GO NEGATIVE.

Thing is, Ballard's not alone on the "Melina is negative" bandwagon, the Marion County GOP is also criticizing Kennedy for a negative campaign when we just came off the 2010 race for Prosecutor in which Mark Massa's negative ads against Terry Curry drew wide criticism from political figures and partisans on both sides of the aisle.

Finally, why is it negative campaigning to point out things that others have said? It's not like Kennedy is calling the Mayor names or saying anything that hasn't been said by others. She's simply pointing out that all the sterling things that Republicans would have you believe about Mayor Ballard's education record are distorted. If it's negative at all, it's very softly negative.

Don't buy Ballard's victim approach. These are similar tactics that he used against Mayor Peterson in 2007, and he and the Marion County GOP know it.



You made a good case for the fact that both the democrats and republicans are hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

I regularly enjoy talking to many MC GOP folks. In 2010, I told one of them (who is close to Walker) that I thought the Massa ad was over the top and so did a lot of other fellow lawyers. Their response: "you all just need to grow up then, don't you." Funny to see who is whinning like little kids now!

Anonymous said...

First of all, the ad is a comparison ad and not a negative ad. Ballard, Walker and Vane might be a little too sensitive. You know what they say about the truth always hurting the most. Those three knuckleheads know how to run the dirtiest of campaigns, and the know the facts will just kill them. So now they are looking for a diversion through a pity party.

In the case of Ballard, a negative add would say he was a fat moron. Then again, since both descriptions are factual, I am not sure it would be a negative add. Just sticking to the facts which is something Ballard has trouble doing.

Maybe it might be negative if Melina said Ballard lied about adding new police officers, or lied about the need to outsource parking meters, or lied about his job those would all be true statements too. Boy this is going to be harder than I thought to come up with an example of a negative ad about Ballard that was not just downright factual.