Thursday, August 18, 2011

7th District's Carson Continues to Work Diligently

On Friday, Congressman André Carson met with job seekers at his annual job fair. On Wednesday, the Congressman held a forum on Medicare in Beech Grove. He also has opened a health care center, helped to dedicate a park, and had time to hobknob with some young professionals. The Congressman is an ever-present force in his community.

While Congress takes a beating in the press, Congressman Carson has started shining a light his own direction. He broke with his President and voted no on the debt ceiling deal because he felt the deal didn't demonstrate the shared sacrifice many believe would help solve the debt crisis.

I believe Carson understands the new challenges he will face as of January when his district shifts to the south a bit. The Congressman will represent areas of Marion County that, at different times, have been in the district of Steve Buyer, Todd Rokita, or Dan Burton.

No matter what the new district's boundaries will be, Carson is popular among his base, and no one can deny how hard he works at the job. He continues to be a strong representative and advocate for Indiana's 7th District.

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