Friday, July 29, 2011

Wallace Launches Media Campaign

Republican candidate for Governor Jim Wallace said he was "insulted" then Mike Pence said he would not talk policy until May of 2012. I wonder how Pence feels now.

The man with infinite resources (Pence) was not the man who first hit the airwaves with a TV ad, and here it is.

Besides the messed up hair in the first few shots of the ad, Wallace appears to be gubernatorial, can pull off casual, and wants everyone to know he's "In Indiana" and "on it" taking a direct shot at "Washington Mike" Pence.

For his part, John Gregg continues to work the back roads of Indiana, too. He called me on Tuesday morning just to talk and wished me a happy belated birthday (which totally caught me off guard). He's picked up the endorsement of several mayors. He's also been making the county fair and festival circuits. Gregg is using his Facebook as an outreach as well.

Mike Pence, meanwhile, is off doing the Republican Party's business in Washington, and I bet he's more than a little ticked that Wallace is raining on his parade. Anyone that thinks Pence is a shoo-in for the nomination or for winning the general election in 2012 really needs to think again about that hypothesis right now.


Ben said...

Ya his hair is messed up,maybe thats on purpose. Pence always looks like he just stepped out of a beauty salon. If Wallace can raise some cash, Mr. "I only talk about social issues" Pence could be in trouble.

It would be an interesting race between Gregg and Wallace. They both seem like real people. Pence seems like a puppet in an empty suite that always has prepared talking points about planed parenthood

Anonymous said...

Wallace needs to ditch that overused, trite Evan Bayh gimmick of the sport coat thrown over the shoulder. It is so phony. I know nothing about Wallace but that Bayhesque gimmick needs to go.