Thursday, July 14, 2011

Skillman Indiana Tour 2011/2012: What Does It Mean?

Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman plans to tour Indiana’s 92 counties during the last 18 months of her term as the state’s second-highest executive. The Indianapolis Star reports that Skillman’s stated purpose of the tour is “to check on the progress of community projects that were funded totally or in part by the state or federal government, and to hear from county and local government officials on how they and the state can work better together.”

I agree with the Star’s assessment. Writer Mary Beth Schneider rightly points out that this kind of tour has the “earmarks” of someone running for an office, but Skillman says that a cigar is just a cigar and the tour isn’t to explore anything. It's just a strange time for a Lieutenant Governor fact finding tour. Makes you wonder what she's up to.

I guess I will take her at her word, but, doesn’t something seem funny? I mean Skillman was laying all the groundwork for a gubernatorial run prior to Mike Pence expressing an interest. Suddenly, before Pence announced, she pulled out of the race citing a minor health issue. That was never disclosed, and, frankly, it was none of our business. This was supposed to have been her time, and this was supposed to have been her election.

I don't think she's running for Governor now, but she certainly could be positioning herself for the future. At just 60 years old, she's still theoretically young enough to run for Governor in 2016. Maybe this is a jump start on that campaign.

Seems kind of strange to be thinking that far ahead, but she's now far behind Mike Pence and Jim Wallace in fundraising for 2012. She could raise money quickly, and, thinking way outside the box, maybe there are some private concerns about Pence's shaky start versus John Gregg's solid one or Jim Wallace as the alternative.

I don't know. I'm grasping at straws. Maybe she just wants to actually see how things are across the state. I guess we'll learn the truth in the next few months.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps she is just trying to cover her butt, since she was put in charge of attracting and managing federal stimulus money from the Recovery Act for the state.

Again, this was a complete failure on the part of the federal reresentatives, state and local governments.

The state does not even apply for Billions in high speed rail funds for the DOT's long standing route from Chicago to Indy and dropped out of trying for Education grant contest, while also missing out on all large grants put out for state competition.

Also the tourism department under her leadership has done nothing but waste money and shrink the size of her budget and impact at a time we need to raise the out of state tourist and business hospitality industry income.

Hope she enjoyed milking cows with Mitch's wife at the state fair.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention the failure of her new Department of Agriculture to stop a southern Indiana cattle firm from ripping off thousands of farmers and running off with over a half billion dollars that is now being covered by a taxpayer funded federal insurance fund.

Not to mention the CAFO, Ethanol, and forestry scandals.

Anonymous said...

I guess Skillman reads this blog.

After reading what a dismal job she is doing promoting tourism they schedule a Governor press conference will happen TWO weeks from now regarding a new golf tourism initiative.

Guess it takes two weeks to make up a new program and get on the governors schedule;)

Too little, too late

Anonymous said...

I found that certain government officials can be phoney as a three-dollar-bill. Both my neighbor and I (worried about our health and property value) emailed her. She came with half-a-mile of us (not stopping) and went directly to the CAFO's expansion celebration. There, she referred to the one who damaged a stream, damaged a well, and gave bogus information as "an inspiration to other farming families".