Monday, July 18, 2011

Looks Like Poulakidas is Gary Welsh's New Target

Gary Welsh, the longtime blogger over at Advance Indiana, has chosen to target Democrat Kostas Poulakidas in two of his most recent posts. Of course he would! Poulakidas has a foreign sounding name. Must be an outsider! I'm sure that gets Welsh's dander up. Well, that's just me stating my opinion. Gary considers him, at least, a "metrosexual"...just read the comments to one of his posts.

His latest post takes exception to a yard sign being placed in a right of way. It's as if Kostas is supposed to know where all of his yard signs are at once. Is it fair game? Certainly, but it's pretty petty. He also makes note of some allegedly illegal ad that Poulakidas placed on Craigslist. You can read all about it over on his post.

In another post, Poulakidas gets taken to task for GASP a political fundraiser! OH MY! OH THE HUMANITY! In this one, he brings out the lobbyist bogeyman and his favorite punching bag, Congressman Andre Carson, who hosted the D.C. fundie. Welsh has no use for Carson.

So the man who still is a birther is after Poulakidas now. Congratulations Kostas...I think you are now a big enough deal to be smeared by Gary Welsh.



That's a great picture of Gary!

And if you keep score, you'll see his truly favorite punching bag is Ballard. That should make you happy.

I know I can get a balanced perspective on his blog that I cannot get from the partisan blogs which are always hypocritical and turn a blind eye when their own get out of line.

Indy Student said...

So am I to assume this blog will retract all criticism of Mike Delph and other Republicans of who fundraise from out-of-state and DC donors?

The huge amount of money Poulakidas is raising (with help of his treasurer, Kip Tew), especially from out of state, is of great concern to me. A reader of my blog tipped me off several weeks ago, but I just haven't had time to do research on his various out-of-state supporters.

And at least Congressional reps have some sort of national influence on policy. Poulakidas is running for a municipal office. It just makes you wonder why all these people are supporting him.

Indy Student said...

Meant Mike PENCE, not Delph.

Paul K. Ogden said...

IS, I'm much more concerned about Poulakidas being an attorney at a big downtown law firm that does busienss with the City. Do we really need another Ryan Vaughn on the council?

William said...

It just shows that the Marion County GOP is afraid of Kostas, he is working this district constantly. I live in that disrict and cant wait to have him as my voice on the council.
The reason he is showing such support is because people see that he will truly be a voice for district becasue he knows the residents.
As Kostas would say "Work Hard. Do Good." and he will for residents of District 4 and Marion County.

Anonymous said...

Kostas really knows the residents of District 4? How long has he lived there-all of three years?