Monday, July 18, 2011

Indiana GOP Attacks Gregg for Refusing to Release Finance Report After He Voluntarily Released Finance Report

Eric Holcomb, you've been punked. John Gregg really got you good!

Holcomb, the Indiana GOP Chair, released a statement on Friday taking John Gregg to task for not releasing his campaign finance report when Republican candidate Mike Pence did as required by Indiana Code. It was something that Democrats scored some points on against Dan Coats in the 2010 Senate race.

Here is his press release:
When the second quarter financial disclosure deadline passed at noon today there was one candidate conspicuously absent from the pack of lawful filers: Democrat candidate for governor John Gregg.

Gregg, his son and the Indiana Democrat Party have repeatedly said he is actively running for governor. Yet, Gregg has yet to file papers with the Indiana Elections Division declaring a candidacy in an effort to hide contributions to his already up-and-running campaign.

"John Gregg may think he found a loophole, but Hoosiers aren't fooled. He is running for governor. So we have to ask: What is he hiding? Why doesn't John Gregg have to play by the same rules as other candidates?"asked Indiana Republican Party State Chairman Eric Holcomb.

Holcomb added, "There's a reason why voters are so cynical about politics. Right out of the gate, the Democrats' handpicked candidate is trying to evade transparency. Hoosiers deserve better and Mr. Gregg owes all a complete and accurate accounting of all the contributions he has boasted to have raised."

Gregg Is Actively Running for Governor, Even He's Said So
John Gregg frequently discusses his active engagement in "running" for governor and requests contributions to his "campaign," all while refusing to file papers declaring his candidacy in an effort to hide the sources of those very contributions to his already up-and-running campaign.

Gregg Has Tweeted on Multiple Occasions that he is "Running" and Referenced His Efforts As a "Campaign" Rather Than An Exploratory Committee
· Gregg: "Please take a moment to visit my website & contribute to the campaign!" (John Gregg Twitter Feed, 7/13/11)
· Gregg: "Why am I running for Governor? Because I love my sons, John Blackwood and Hunter." ( John Gregg Twitter Feed, 7/8/11)
· Gregg: "Why am I running for Governor? Because I love the state of Indiana." (John Gregg Twitter Feed, 7/7/11)
· Gregg: "This campaign isn't about 'me;' it's about 'we.' And there is no stronger word in the English language than 'we.'" ( John Gregg Twitter Feed, 7/7/11)

Gregg Lists His Current Occupation as "Running for governor of Indiana"
· The Gregg for Indiana YouTube page lists John Gregg's current occupation as "Running for governor of Indiana." (Gregg for Indiana YouTube Page, Accessed 7/15/11)
Gregg's Son Solicited Contributions For His "Dad's Campaign"
· In a June 28th email solicitation, Gregg's son, John Jr., sent out an email solicitation for his "dad's campaign" saying his father was the "right person to be the next Governor of Indiana." (Gregg for Indiana Email, 6/28/11)

Indiana Democrats Declare Gregg Is "Running for Governor"
· Just minutes before Gregg spoke at the Indiana Democrat Party's annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Indianapolis, the Party tweeted, "Former #IN House Speaker @Greggforindiana is running for #INGov next year." ( Indiana Democrat Party Twitter Feed, 6/10/11)

Well, Holcomb makes a couple of errors in calculation that have led to his punking. First of all, Holco, there's an "ic" at the end of the DemocratIC in Indiana Democratic Party, but that's the least of your worries.

Your first error in calculation is that Gregg isn't required to file a report yet because his committee remains exploratory. No matter how much you try to paint it differently, that is the LEGAL classification of his committee. That won't change until he changes it.

Even worse for you Er (thought I'd drop the "ic" from your name, too), Gregg VOLUNTARILY released his list of donors apparently BEFORE Holcomb released his statement.

Like a hanging curveball for a slugger, Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy did not let this one go by. Treacy said in a statement from the Marion County Democratic Party:

“Before calling someone’s honesty into question, Congressman Pence and his political cronies should have checked their facts,” said Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy. “If they had, they would have seen that John Gregg released his campaign finance information a little after 11:00 this morning. The only reason he didn't file a full report with the state is that Indiana does not give exploratory committees the ability to file semi-annual reports.”

“The fact that Pence and his cronies are trying to make an issue of campaign finance smacks of hypocrisy. Pence raised money through his Congressional campaign during Indiana's legislative session, then transferred money directly to his gubernatorial account to get around Indiana law. Financial shell games might work for Congressman Pence in Washington, but Hoosiers deserve better."

Most statewide campaigns filed campaign finance reports, detailing all campaign donations and expenditures from January 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011, with the Indiana Election Division.

Because Gregg for Indiana is currently an exploratory committee, it is not required to file a campaign finance report until January 2012. However, earlier in the day – hours before the Republican attack – Gregg for Indiana disclosed a listing of campaign contributions voluntarily and will file future reports with the Election Division according to the appropriate deadlines and state law.

Nice call out, don't you think? No one does a slapdown (or belly bump) like Ed Treacy.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

I double checked the law. If the exploratory committee Gregg says he's considering runnning for Governor, he does not have to file in a year when the Governor's race is not on the ballot.

If in setting up the exploratory committee, he just says he's considering running for office, without specifying which office, then he must file a pre-primary and pre-general election report if he raises or spends more than $10,000.

My guess is that it's the former - and thus Gregg wasn't required to file. I agree it's much ado about nothing given that Gregg voluntarily listed his contributors anyway.

Finally, one thing Treacy is dead wrong on is that the law doesn't allow Gregg to file interim reports. There is nothing in the law that prohibits Gregg from filing those reports if he so chooses. He's just not required to.