Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day Highs and Lows

Both Mayor Greg Ballard and challenger Melina Kennedy hit the campaign trail to march in Independence Day Parades and attend festivals across the county. Inevitably, the pictures ended up on Facebook. Here are a couple.

Unfortunately, even though the holiday was festive, the Star reports that two youngsters were shot in the aftermath of the annual fireworks display downtown. It's a somber notice that gun crimes still don't take a holiday. Only one candidate has articulated a position to get illegal guns off our streets: Melina Kennedy.

While it's not clear what the details were in those two shootings last night, the reduction of illegal guns in Indy can only prevent more sad headlines.


SW Lane said...

What is an "illegal gun" ?

A gun is an object. By itself it is incapable of breaking the law.

Perhaps you meant "those who illegally use guns"?

Jon E. Easter said...

For our next act, we'll be splitting hairs.

Illegal guns are those obtained outside lawful means.

Anonymous said...

To SW Lane...Remember that when you or your friends use the term "illegal alien". They are undocumented workers.